March 17, 2012

Untittled Again~

Heyy peeps (!) You Know What Im blurr~ really blur..ini semua  kerana suda seminggu tidak membuat Troll Faces :) Jyeahhh...

Jyeahhhh!! Happening Like This..Ohh I miss My Boy alots..err whos My Boy..Wanna See My Boy?? Wait a sec *pergi We heart it Curi Picture Capital ZM

Yeahh,,He Looks So Ohsem Right..yeahhh!! We Meet And Know Each Other on 25th February..On My Birthday..I hear His Song in Hitz FM..The Tittle Is What Makes You Beautiful.. I know Lahh lagu Tuhh Mmg Dia Tujukan Utk Gadis yang bernama Hidayah Sharuddin :) Dont be jealouse lahh..
I always Spent times With Him..Everyday :) Spent in Encik Tube Merah site? Its So Cool Right,,Sweet Couple Lahh Katakan ...

My day today is Not bad Lahh..tetiba Rindu at My ex,,ohh wanna Know it?? Wait a minute

Tadaaa~ HOHO~ He Ohsem..So Ohsemm.yeahh He a Rapper..Lalala~ I love Him Until Now..But I Love ZM so much..HAHA

Wanna Sleep Now~ Have A nice Dream syg~


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faiz fakhirin said...

Hahaha...Deay Deaya...memacam...

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