May 30, 2012

Hai :)

Hai And Assalammulaikum :)

Ouchh It Is So Long time yaya tak Update Blog kan :) Uishh Its Looks So Dirty And Looks Like No Owner
Haha.. Actually Yaya Busy Sikit lah and Have No Time To Give full Of Attention For Bloggie 
 Ohh ya Its Look Little Bit Changing On My Skin Ya?? Uishh Penat Edit Aw :) 

Yaya Suka Skin Bloggie Yg Simple But Nice.. And I think Skin That I have Now It Does Not Make Your laptop in Suck Jem.. HAHA.. Always happen.. When I Dropped In One site,,  Suddenly My Laptop Change To Black Screen And Need To On Again..Ohh My,,, It Will Make My Only Lappie in the world damaged..

Now I Want To Share Something With You,, Its All My People Around Characters.. Its Start from My family, Friends And Boyfriend

They All Have Different Character and Sometime make me feel Knockdown..okay Lets Me Show U Some Suck Situation

Hmm Betol lah Aku Buad Tadi Cuma Aku Keliru jer :)

Its Always Happened To Me.. Yaa Some People That Never Admit Their Wrong In Anything :)
Always Wanna Win In What Conversation And Think that he/She In Cleverest Than Other People..
Ohh meng,, If You Make false Just Be Quiet And Dont Says Like That ,, Its really Make That You Are Selfish and arrogant..


Daddy,Does You Not Afraid What Will Happen If You Smoking?

Hmm My Daddy Is Over Control Smoking.. I hate Who Smoke Beside Me Or Near To Me..
ouchh it Smell ,,Walawalaweyh..Busuk lahhh.. I always said at my daddy.. dont smoking in front of me .. I hate It so much,,But  My daddy when he drive also he can smoke,,erghhh,, nak buat mcm mne kan.. redha jela.. 

PangggPengggPonggg,, What ?! Its All Your False!!!

I hate When I and My Bofie involved in Big fighting.. he always Blame It On Me While It Is His Fault. I make Me Feel So stress And Hate Him For 1 second.. Just 1 second okay? No need To hate Him For a long time.. we always fighting.. dua Dua tanak mengalah,,But Sooner we all in good condition.. but Seriosly I dont like This Situation.. BUT I LOVE HIM WALAU APA PUN YG TERJADI,, Hahaha.

Jumpa Adik Kita Lah Semalam -)

I hate This FVCK WORDs,, I never Be Forget Who Sent This At My Bofie Wall On His Facebook..
I dont Care If he Wanna Have One Or Many Adopt sisters as long he Gave Me have Adopt brother too..But He Never give it,, Who never Be jeles If One Girl sent this at their bf wall..Ohh Menyirap Skjap aku..
apaa lagii.. Fighthing lahh...Nasib baik Kita syg Diaa kan,, So marah tak melampau and give he a chance and he promise that this situation not be reply again.. Ohh I Love You Budak.. Winkwink..

haha Thats All.. i think To Go.. Bye Peeps :) Enjoy In My Blog..

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