May 31, 2012

What Is That?? Tefakkk

Heyyy Everyone :)  Are You In Good Condition Friends?? I hope You In good healthy :)

Ouchh Today I wanna Share You Something .. Its All About Blogger.. Isnt True That The Blogger Interface Will Change It To New? I heared Many People Dont Like The New Interface.. Hmm It Like Timeline In Facebook lah.. How Come It? Why They Create Something New That Never People Like It?? Ouchh It make me Sick lahh.. Timeline facebook tuu Lagi lahh.. 

You Know What? I never Touch Or hit Button That i want Change My Facebook To Timeline.. but Suddenly It change By it Self.. Ohh Mark You Should Know That Many People doesnt Like Your new timeline..

HAHA Back To Our Story ..  My Cousin Tell Me "Yaya Does You Know That New bloggie interface looks So Damn Suck?"      " Woahh Isnt true??.. Nevermind Let me try It Okay "

So I Try It.. I Change It Too New Interface.. But... Yaaaa... Hmmm .. Sorry It Be More Bigger and Orange Colour?? haaaaaaaaa 0.0 ..

One More Thing I never Be understand And It Looks Soo Messy.. Yups I DONT LIKE IT

//Click It More More Bigger -_-

Nasib Baik Lahh Dia Ada button Yg Boleh Change It to old interface.. haha.. I think It More Better If in Facebook Has This Button.. Now My Blog looks like usual :) Lalalaalala... i like It and happilly Ever after..hahaha...

I not Sure That This Interface Will Not change.. I Afraid If It Happen like My Timeline.. It Change By it self.. Ohh I hope Not happen okay..  I need To Go.. Daaaa .. Gracias For Spent Me Your time To read My Post :) Wink Wink

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