June 14, 2012

Arghhh I Had Bad Flu :(

Yeahh I had Flu Now.. Ohh Its Really really Sick.. I Hate That.. Every Second I Always Sneeze.. Yeah I Had bad Bad Bad Flu That I ever Had.. But My Mom Said  Sickness Can Erase Our Sins :) Alhamdulliah.. I Think Allah Love Me That Why It Give Me Some Sickness To Make Me Always Grateful And Remember Allah Always :)

This Week Is All About My result In every Subject For My Last Exam before Having That Wonderful Cuti.. Yaa Tak Puas Okay..  I Think I Need More Holiday And Not Ready Yet To Go School.. Haha.. Lazy Girl~ Bakat Terpendam Sejak Dilahirkan

Ouchh Its All About My Mid Year Result.. I think No Need To Announce.. Why? Because I Got Bad Result..
Failed,Pass,Credit, And Anything Like that I Got It On My result,, Yaa Its Enough In One Package..tehee ~
Sometime I feel Shame With Other Class,, They Doesn't Got Bad Result Like me,, Even I Am The Science Class.. Hmm so shame.. And Feel Like Too Sing A Indie Song..HAHA~

// Its Me :) I wears The Latest Bawal And Choco Crystal Dolly Lens.. 

Cant I Ask You Something?? What Will You Do If Yours Best Best Ever Friend Was Absent To School?? Arghh Why My Xerra Honey Was Not Coming To School Today? I Feel So Lonely And Feel That I Forever Alone In My Class..  I Miss You Friend.. Opsss Did You Notice At my Picture..
Hahhaa Look At My Hand.. Ouchh Capital Irfan?? Haha Okay Its My Bofie Name .. He Nice And Good Looking Also..Haha.. 25.6 Is Our 9 Month anniversary.. Yeahh Cheer For Us..

Wahhh So Sweet But Sour :) Irfan.. Why You Dont Being Like JB.. I Hope So.. I need You When I did That Cute Sound Sneeze,hahaha Okay GTG ,, Doakan Yaya Sihat Okay.. Bye2 Assalammualaikum :)

3 Spongebob (s):

::dEyb:: said...

hai budak comel ;')

Sally Yatiey said...

Comelnya gambar, hee.
Suka tengok contact lens yang Yaya pakai tu :D

Nurulee said...

Hope you get better soon. pretty eyes =D


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