June 16, 2012

Hai Hai Hai ~

Hai Everyone !!!! Yaya In the House.. Wazzup Wazzup..Haha Remember Who This Tagline Belong?? Of Course Lah Mila Kan..Okay.. Now I want Share My Secret Beauty Tips..HAHA but Remember This Is Our Secret Okay Dont Tell Anyone ...

//This Is me, I wears Diana Amir Shawl Inspired

Okay See My Face?? It Looks Smooth Right?? But I Dont Think It Looks Soo Smooth..
For people Who Want Skin Like Me.. I Have One Secret that My grandma Belong.. Yups It is Traditional Ways that My grandma uses it Until Now... 

Teng teng teng,,,,,

I Dont Know If Most Of You Dont Known This Thing.. Okay Its Call Bedak Sejuk..
Tokmak Ckp Bedak Neyh Dulu Buad Secara Homemade Taw,But Now Its Available In Shop.. Okay Now Lets Talk About It benefit For Our Skin..

This Bedak Sejuk Just use At Night..Before You Go To sleep Or After You take A Bath..
Its Can make Our Skin Smooth And Flawless.. This bedak Sejuk Is Cheap And Available At anywhere..

Okay I like Use This Bedak Sejuk And it Make My skin feel So Fresh And Cool.... I Like It..
No Wonder My Grandma Skin Looks better And Smooth Even her age Under 40 Old..Haha..

So this is My Secret To get Smooth skin.. How About You?? I think Every People has its Own Secret To Make Its Skin Look better :) 

// Need Big Eyes Like me?? Just Wears Any Contact lens As Long its Colour Are black

Heshhh Why I looks So tembam neyhh,.Hmm I need More Diet After this :)

Opss My grandma Also Gave me kain Songket lahh... It Looks So beautiful,,I Like It..thanks Tokmak, I Love You

//My Grandma Buy It At Langkawi :)

This Songket For My Raya Soon.. Okay Dear I need To go.. bye2 Assalammualaikum :)

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