June 02, 2012

Tips : Contact Lens Care

Hye Everyone !!

Today I want Share Some Tips That Most Important To People That Wears Contact Lens..When We Wears Lens It make Our Eyes Look Bigger And Freshie.. Yups I Also Wears Lens And Sold It?? Wanna Buy It?? Hehe.. Terpromate lah Pulak :) Okay Go To Our Tips ..

There Were many Safety Step To wears Contact Lens.. You Must Being Safety First Because Its About Our Eyes.. Haaa Nak Bute Ker?? So If You Dont Feel Hurt When Wears Lens.. Just Follows My Step Okay?

1#  Acquire contacts by going to an eye doctor, having your eyes checked, and ordering contacts of the correct prescription. Try out a few different samples of contact solution to find out if you are allergic to any and which work the best. Buy any other materials.Yups It For Your Eyes okay mana lah Tahu Tak Boleyh Pakai Lens Kan :)

2#  Make sure that your hands are clean before handling the lenses. After you have washed your hands with soap and warm water, dry them using a clean towel. Remember – any residue from soaps, lotions, or chemicals may stick to your contact lenses and give rise to irritation, pain, or blurred vision.

3# Learn how to properly put in contact lenses.. You can Get the Tutorial From Youtube :)

4# Learn how to properly take out contacts when removing and storing.

5# Wear your contact lenses for the proper amount of time,I Think The Best Proper Amount Of time Is 8 Hours :)

6# Use a re-wetting solution or plain saline solution to keep your eyes lubricated.

Now There Were 6 Steps that You needed To Do if Want Wears Contact Lens Without Feel Hurt :)
So If You Wanna See How To Cleaning Contact Lens After Use Please View This Video And Then Come Back To My Blog After You Watch It :)

// Its Me.. I wears Lunaking babydoll Contact Lens

Gracias For read My Post Hope You Take care You Eyes !

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